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Welcome to Coffee Dominion

The ultimate coffee break

Let’s sum it up, it’s the coffee moment that connects you, connects you to your own sense of sensory perception, people and places. It’s that, that simple human endeavour. That’s what we are about and where we are at, at Coffee Dominion. We think, when it’s not getting too confusing...


Espresso Coffee

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Coffee Dominion

Origin Focus


When you hear coffee snobs discussing their favourite origins, you will most likely hear them comparing countries of origin, such as Guatemala vs Costa Rica, or Kenya vs. Brazil. Occasionally you will hear them mention regions within a country, such as Sumatra for example, that are particularly well suited for coffee growth.
There is only one origin though that is named after just a small town (and surrounding area). It lies in the south of Ethiopia and has just over 20,000 inhabitants. This should be an indicator as to how special the coffee from here is.
Welcome to Yirgacheffe.
This small area produces a one of a kind coffee, with great chocolate notes that are enhanced by a very prominent and typical twang of citrus fruit. No other coffee tastes like it.
The fresh citrus makes it a great morning coffee and is best enjoyed black, either as a pour-over or a short black. Milk may make it taste a little funny, as the citrus flavours taint the milk flavour.

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Socially Conscionable

Learning and informing you about sustainability and social issues connected to the world’s coffee trade is of great importance to us. What we call “socially conscionable“ coffee trading adds both an interest and a consciousness, not just about the product, but also the people that are involved and the environment they live in.

Processing, grading and marketing of the bean undertaken in a co-operative living environment


No over ripe or under ripe beans in bag, really taste driven


No added phosphates, potassium or nitrogen


Bird habitat friendly


The farm in which the coffee is sourced is run by a passionate family who produce the notable taste and quality


Slows growth process, providing enhanced flavour and sustainable agricultural practise


Grown under the canopy of forests, for a natural taste and sustainable future


High confidence of organic but farmer cannot afford certification


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