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Published 14 October 2019

Why drink Black Matador ?

Dark roasts have their acquired lovers.  The trend probably started with the French and their French roast.  A French roast is dropped after second crack when it’s black and the roasted bean quickly ooze coffee oils from the surface of their exteriors shortly thereafter.

The French would roast all their beans this way.  Everyday foreigners would skip their breakfasts on holiday because of this insistence on the French roast.  The French, French Roasted , however, not by choice but because by law they had to use the beans from their ex colonies on the West African coast.  These countries only grew Robusta beans, the beans from there were rough and ready in their flavor profile and that’s been polite.  These beans consequently, by the fate of imperial acquisition, rendered France with a style of coffee.

This style of coffee says that the flavours generated by the roaster are better than those generated by nature.  Roasty notes were superior to the flavor of the bean.  Roasty notes are also determined to reflect the taste of a strong coffee, a dark coffee.

Business wise, if you are roasting dark for toasty notes, one should use robusta rather than the refined Arabica, if all you are going to do is roast the flavors up the shack.  Using a Robusta beans is therefore a very practical way of making a strong coffee.  On the other side of the blend, if you can use a hard bean that retains some flavours at high heat, then you are going to get further flavor complexity.

There are of course Robusta beans and Robusta beans.  As growers have sort to specialize in order that they stand out in the market place there are increasing numbers of better graded and specialty robust as coming onto the market.

So, you drink Black Matador if you want to try or love these dark tastes.  

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