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Published 14 October 2019

What's in Black Matador ?

A favourite coffee origin is Antigua in Guatemala.  If they have a grade of Strictly High Grown [SHB]they are great for a dark roast because they are dense and have unique flavor.  Let’s follow through the concept of the grading.

Central American coffee uses height for grading, the grading system is saying the higher the altitude the better the bean is.  In a high altitude tropical region the bean grows in the heat of the day and then shrinks or constricts at night because it’s colder at high altitudes.  This expansion and contraction of the bean means the bean takes a longer time to mature.  The longer the bean takes to mature the more complex and dense it’s fibrous structure and equally the more time it has to develop flavor complexity.

So we use a Guatemalan hard bean and a hard bean from a farm identified estate in El Salvador to create dark chocolate notes and the winey and resinous taste that comes from the fine ends of a recently emptied port barrel.

Then to contrast, to let you know it’s a dark roast we create an edge of Cajun ash with a robusta bean, the varietal that carries both more caffeine and coffee oils but this particular beans oils are reflective of a hot pressed sesame oil taste, straight from the barrel of a smoldering shot gun.  This bean is an Indian Estate grown robusta, it’s a growing trend, upmarket robustas.  It’s a peaberry, that is there is a single bean in the cherry rather than the two beans and are higher priced on the veracity that it has a more intense flavor. 

That’s what’s in Black Matador.

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