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Published 22 October 2019

The Starting Point In The History of Coca In Colombia.

The Starting Point In The History of Coca In Colombia.

Coffee is sometimes thought to be native to Colombia but it's native to Ethiopia.  The coca leaf is sometimes thought to be native to Colombia but it is native to the Andes, Peru and Bolivia in particular.

The first historical connection of coca to Colombia is in one of the country's fantastic National Parks, San Augustin which holds the world’s largest cemetery or necropolis “City of The Dead.” The park holds the sculptures and monuments of the people who lived here between the first and eighth centuries, it was a place where people came to worship their dead ancestors. The tomb stones and statues are made from volcanic stone that have survived history and erosion by being buried underground. 

Nothing is much known about the people who buried their dead here but the statues frequently have the figure holding a pestle and mortar, indicating the grounding of coca leaves for mortuary rights.  Coca leaves were buried with the dead, to assist them in the afterlife, to endow the spirit with magical powers and make contact with the supernatural.

Sigmund Freud recommended patients and friends to use cocaine to assist with depression and impotence.  Coca cola used it as it's main ingredient from 1886 to 1903 to assist in reinvigorating and re energising its customers.  In the 1970 and 1980's it's magical powers were used to assist at celebrity parties. Coffee too has many magical powers, it raises you from sleep, it reinvigorates and re energises the working day and it's taste is pretty magical.  With time, no doubt, further magical powers will be established for coffee.


Coca: A Blessing and a Curse BY ARIADNA BAULENAS I PUBILL

History of the Coca Plant: Cocaine the Legend by Jorge Hurtado Gum

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