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Published 25 January 2019

Continuing our Central’s theme we visit Nicaragua. From the 1970’s political revolution and hurricanes played havoc within the country, the coffee farmer was left on his own and it disappeared off the map.

There has been resurgence in its coffee production driven by small farmers producing high grade, great tasting coffee. As in our last offering from Honduras it is the have meant the farmer is on his own in these republics. The farmer does not have sufficient money for fertilizer, a small farm means trying to be great at entangled with the narcotics trade have always

coffee Mill 1

Typical of the region, wet washed processed coffees are the norm and this process is an underlying reason to their success. So, what does wet washed mean. It means, you will be pleased to read, that it is the removal of the skin and flesh to get to the coffee bean using a lot of water. Let’s have a look at one of these processing plants to gain a feel of the work and capital that’s involved, to see a principal driving factor to the coffee character of the region.

coffee mill 2


Roasters will typically use a wet processed coffee as a component to a blend for an espresso because it provides a cut to the milk, adding a refreshing vitality and flavour complexity. But as a single origin espresso, especially with milk, it can be an absolute disaster. They lack depth of body; there prized acidity is always committed to trying to provide you with a cup of everything, entirely wrong, coffee acids. Never a cup that might be described as particularly delicious.

coffee mill 3

These wet washed guys are much more interesting as a pour over coffee, typically distinctive and affable; they are swanky way to start your morning. Clean and sharpish, muscularly toned and typically with identifiable fruity or cocoa notes. They are a beautiful and practical start to tasting specific notes of coffee. Sure you have to prepare them correctly but the preparation is not rocket science and it’s going to deliver better and faster than your espresso machine. Unless you are really missing your hot milk breakfast.

Mill 4

Now that you have seen the machinery at work, let’s introduce you a couple of Nicaraguan wet washed coffees.

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