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Published 28 April 2020

Project Eleven

Admittedly, it was only by chance that Project 11 came into existence. For it was only by chance, that earlier in the morning we had had a very strong coffee to start the day off. It was a tad stronger than usual because we had added rum that a good acquaintance had recommended. He had only shortly just passed through the drive through, literally a few moments before.

Though the light had not yet risen the strong coffee and rum were a delight. Ben said that the addition of the rum took the strong coffee to 11/10. Matt said it could even be 14/10 but we dismissed that because he was confused and would not stop doing what he was doing.

Joe said he thought he knew how to take a strong coffee one step further, to an 11/10. He said he had been studying this black art at night for some time without telling us. Though we were at first hesitant, a further rum and strong coffee made us too see the possibility once we were introduced to cold fusion and an extended roast profile.. What had once seemed impossible was now like looking remarkably possible.

We discussed it further with another strong coffee and rum as the light shone through the window which someone was rudely tapping on. If we could go that one step further, further than anybody else and go to 11. 11/10 something in reality that has never ever been achieved by humanity then we good get a very strong coffee..

This is Project 11 .

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