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Published 23 January 2019

Honduras Exploring Centrals

Continuing our Central’s theme we visit Honduras.  A country that is not your everyday topic of conversation but Paul Keating’s remark, in 1986, of banana Republics bought it to [some] our attentions last in 1986!

Honduras is Nos 7 [2015] as a coffee growing producer with 3.5 % of world production.  In the past, unrecognized as a coffee origin it was typically part of the smuggling trade.  There is a lot of smuggling over there.  In this instance, it was, smuggle it across the boarders to Guatemala or to Costa Rica and get it labelled and sold for higher prices there.

This really suited the organized narcotics trade, providing employees with job variation, increased non idle time capacity and brought additional revenues.  The management of organized crime is not different to contemporary big business, if they can cut costs and increase the bonus pool they will.  Adopting a strategy of cost cutting and bullying, they stole the coffee from farmers rather than buy it.  This inevitably, compounded social and economic problems.

The introduction of standards, however, has put Honduran coffee is on the map and reduced violence towards the farmer.  It’s kinda of a new coffee origin.  There are six regions and we are taking a sample of two regional coffees, Comayagua and Francisco Morazán, to introduce you to them and help put Honduras back onto the map

Fundamentally, Central America is a divergent and growing source for Australian coffee supply chains.  An underlying reason for its importance is simply because farmers specialise in it as compared to Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, Ethiopia where it’s merely a few trees, a cash crop, within the farmer’s bowl of subsistence agriculture.  In Central America farmers just grow coffee and the farmer and the state are taking strides to make the industry thrive.  This is driving quality and difference within Centrals.

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